Friday, September 23, 2011

Top Wheels, Part I: Five Cars for Work

When you get right down to it, there are two types of luxury cars. The first is both practical and pleasurable--the car that will actually make you look forward to your daily commute, yet won't draw undue attention in the office parking lot. The second is the kind that simply makes your spirit--and body-soar. To help you find the right ride for your needs, the Chief Executive teamed up with to round up the best of the best in each category in a two-part series.

In this issue, we present five cars that offer comfort, performance and hi-tech features but are also sensitive to appearances--essential in an era of intense scrutiny of corporate leaders. These wheels will carry you in comfort, while making the kind of statement you're comfortable with. Stay tuned for our November/December issue's roundup of five cars that deliver powerful performance—perfect for play.

Until now, Hyundai hasn't been known for making luxury vehicles, but it has clearly challenged the Germans and Japanese with this sumptuous sedan. Think of it as all the things that you like best about the full-size Lexus LS sedan--quiet ride, effortless driving, lots of comfort, and convenience features--and a price that makes you think of Costco.

Just like a Lexus, the Korean-built Equus is a premium car, stately and imposing in appearance. It's fully powered, with a large V-8 engine up front and the rear wheels putting the power on the ground. The range of comfort and convenience features isn’t as broad as either Lexus or the premium German sedans, yet it has everything you need.

The Hyundai Equus makes a statement about money, but one about value, not excess. Hyundai has become a brand that's about smart spending—a message today's CEOs understand all too well.

by William J. Holstein and Michael Jordan