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Hyundai Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale – Gary Rome Hyundai of Holyoke
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hyundai Considers Lexus-Fighting Premium Crossover

2015 Hyundai Tucson Picture
Just the Facts:
  • Hyundai is considering the development of a premium crossover or SUV that likely would target the Audi Q5, Lexus RX 350, Cadillac SRX and other luxury models in that segment.
  • The vehicle might share a front-drive platform with the seven-passenger Hyundai Santa Fe.
  • The challenge is to make the premium model stand out from other Hyundai crossovers and SUVs, Hyundai's North American boss told Edmunds.
MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Hyundai is considering development of a premium crossover SUV that likely would target the Audi Q5, Lexus RX 350, Cadillac SRX and other luxury models in that segment.
But the lack of a premium distribution channel with separate showrooms is making the business case to develop and market the vehicle a challenge.

"We definitely studied a premium people mover, if you will," Hyundai Motor America CEO Dave Zuchowski said in a recent interview. "It is not in the plan and it is not eliminated. It is something under consideration."

He added: "One of our problems is we made a conscious decision on our premium products not to establish a secondary distribution channel. And that decision, and we absolutely think it is the right decision, has some flow-through impact on products."
Unlike Nissan and Toyota, which created the Infiniti and Lexus brands, respectively, to market premium and luxury models, Hyundai decided that one brand and one showroom will suffice.
A dealership's floor may feature the entry-level Accent to Hyundai's Mercedes-Benz E-Class competitor, the Hyundai Equus.

Today, a rear-drive configuration distinguishes Hyundai's premium models from its mass-market lineup, which is composed of front-drive vehicles. The rear-drive models are the Equus sedan and the Genesis sedan and coupe. But Zuchowski suggested a premium crossover SUV might share the front-drive platform with the seven-passenger Santa Fe, creating a challenge to clearly distinguish those models in the eyes of consumers.

"For us that (premium) vehicle would be on the same lot as the Santa Fe," he said. "It might be more difficult to try to get the premium you need to justify the price when they are sitting next to each other on the lot" even if the styling is completely different.

Zuchowski said the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX 350 crossover SUVs share a front-drive platform, but the automaker has no problem selling the more expensive Lexus.

"The RX is basically the Highlander and they can charge a premium for that vehicle because they are sold in different showrooms," Zuchowski said.

Zuchowski did not suggest a sticker price if the premium crossover SUV is developed. The base seven-passenger 2014 Santa Fe stickers for $30,775 including an $875 destination charge. Prices for the 2015 model have not been announced.

While it is "not impossible" to market a premium crossover SUV alongside the more mainstream Santa Fe, Zuchowski said: "It makes it a little more challenging for us, but it is certainly something that we are looking at."

Edmunds says: Once Hyundai works out a business case, expect a premium crossover to follow

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hyundai Sonata Recall Update - What You Need To Know

Kevin Schechterle, Service Manager provides updated information on the Sonata Recall. Remember, staying informed is important. The Gary Rome Hyundai Family is here to answer any questions you may have. Call us, we're here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hyundai Sonata Recall: What You need to Know

Our service manager, Kevin Schechterle explains the recent Hyundai Sonata Recall.You may contact Gary Rome Hyundai at any time with questions about how the recall affects you. 888-637-4279

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hyundai goes global with store design

U.S. dealers spared for now
By: Ryan Beene
Automotive News

Hyundai Motor Co. is rolling out a global dealership design initiative aimed at creating a unified look at its stores worldwide before the end of the decade.

The plan comes just four years after Hyundai revamped its design standards for U.S. dealerships under a dramatically different vision, prompting about 470 of the automaker's roughly 820 U.S. dealers to invest millions of dollars to renovate their stores or build new buildings. Hyundai says it won't force its U.S. dealers to adopt the new global program.

The new effort, called the Global Dealership Space Identity, was developed primarily for emerging markets and countries where Hyundai has lacked a facility design program, according to company officials. The global design features an open, airy showroom with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass topped by a bronze-colored roof structure.

By contrast, the program that U.S. dealers adopted features a silver exterior wrapping with blue accents, namely the large rooftop cube structure bearing the Hyundai logo.

Because many Hyundai dealerships have been updated, deploying the program in the United States appears to be less of a priority than in other markets, and Hyundai is taking a hands-off approach with its U.S. dealers, at least for now.

Hyundai officials in California and South Korea say the new dealership design eventually will appear stateside, starting with a small number of pilot dealerships yet to be identified, but there's no timetable for a broader U.S. rollout.

Adam Kraushaar, president of Lester Glenn Hyundai in Toms River, N.J., and a member of Hyundai's national dealer council, said dealers and executives discussed the program during the most recent council meeting last month.

"It was conveyed to us that whether you call it a one-off or a pilot, some new buildings may adopt that image, but there will not be a capital expenditure requirement or even a request coming down the line," Kraushaar said.

The program was applied first to Hyundai's new sales channel in Mexico, starting in May. Dealerships in Sao Paolo; Rio de Janeiro; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Paris; and Hamburg, Germany, also have adopted the program, according to a Hyundai Motor Co. spokeswoman. Hyundai Canada, which hasn't had a recent dealership design program, also is applying the global design to its network.

You can reach Ryan Beene at -- Follow Ryan on Twitter

Monday, August 11, 2014

2015 Hyundai Genesis: It Knows Its Main Job

A primary duty of any luxury car is to make its driver look good. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis gets it. Heck, this guy even waves a greeting when you approach.

Actually, that wave is the power-folding outside mirrors, tucked against the doors when the car is at rest, automatically swinging out as the key-holder approaches. (Of course, that didn't stop me from telling my 3- and 4-year-old granddaughters that the car likes me so much it waves every time it sees me. Alas, they looked dubious.)

But Genesis offers a whole lot more than sycophantic greetings. Available in V-6 and V-8 trim, we drove a top-of-the-line Ultimate Package V-8 and wanted for nothing but a chauffeur.

Actually, we didn't want a chauffeur either. Genesis is a joy to drive.

No surprise, I guess, since late in the car's development, Genesis engineers got help from dynamics specialists at Lotus to fine-tune this all-new luxury sedan. The Brit sports-car experts calculated damper and spring rates, picked anti-roll bars and offered sage advice on engine and transmission mounts and power steering calibration.


The result is a generation-two Genesis that provides gratifyingly communicative handling without ever forgetting it's a luxury car. Its demeanor inspires confidence while its ride and interior noise levels are on par with Lexus.

Genesis engines, with some fine tuning, are carried over: 311-hp V-6 or 420-hp V-8. Both are managed by an eight-speed automatic, also retained from gen-one but tweaked for duty here.

In the case of our V-8, power was delivered with smooth authority while the transmission's ratio trades were seamless. Riding a notably stiffer chassis that's happily married to a comfortably compliant suspension, Genesis feels every bit the luxury car it is.

In 250 miles of mostly, but not exclusively, highway driving, our V-8 returned 22 mpg.

Cabin room is fabulous, while amenities in our top-of-the-line model were enough to make a Silicon Valley millionaire blush. The short list includes power everything (including rear sunshade), intuitive and easy-to-use infotainment controls (including knobs for the radio, thank you), genuine wood and aluminum trim, creamy leather, navigation, Smart Cruise (capable of bringing the car to a complete stop) and every safety nanny imaginable, including front and rear park assist, Blind Spot Warning and Lane Departure Alert.

Genesis is a no-excuses luxury car but, topping out absolutely loaded under 56 grand, priced like a bargain.


Dan Wiese is a freelance automotive writer living in St. Louis. He also is a regular automotive contributor to Fox 2 KTVI-TV St. Louis. You can email him at

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Hyundai reveals Russia-bound Equus Limousine

Photo: Picture 1 - Hyundai reveals Russia-bound Equus LimousineBy Ronan Glon
Tuesday, Aug 2014

Hyundai will travel to this month's Moscow Motor Show to unveil a stretched version of its range-topping Equus sedan appropriately dubbed Equus Limousine.
Hyundai stretched the Equus' wheelbase by 11 inches, bumping its overall length to 214 inches. Wheelbase aside, the Limousine stands out from the standard Equus thanks to a sizable hood ornament and a thick B-pillar with a "Limousine" emblem.

Inside, the Equus Limousine boasts a luxurious cockpit unabashedly designed to coddle the rear passengers. The short-wheelbase Equus' bench seat has been replaced by two power-adjustable individual seats separated by a wide center console that doubles as an arm rest. To create a premium ambiance, the entire cabin is upholstered in plush leather and fitted with real wood trim.

The Equus Limousine is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine that develops 430 horsepower and 376 lb-ft. of torque. Linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission, the eight-cylinder mill sends the Equus Limousine from zero to 62 mph in 5.8 seconds and on to a top speed of about 140 mph. The stretched Equus comes standard with all-wheel drive.

The Hyundai Equus Limousine will go on sale across Russia shortly after greeting the show-going public in Moscow. It will carry a base price of 4,040,000 rubles, a sum that converts to approximately $113,000.

Although the Equus Limousine will likely be offered in other markets including South Korea, Hyundai is not currently planning on importing it to the United States and it will not be sold across Europe.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hyundai Accessory Product Highlight: Hyundai Veloster Compact Spare Tire Kit

Hyundai Veloster Spare Tire Kit

Genuine Hyundai Veloster Compact Spare Tire Kit

$328.38 On Sale!


More Details - Genuine Hyundai Veloster Compact Spare Tire Kit
A flat tire can happen at any time in any weather. The time to prepare for an emergency is before it occurs.
This is a Hyundai OEM kit designed specifically for the Veloster1.
Professionally mounted 2 by an ASE Certified Technician.
This kit will fit all 2012+ Hyundai Velosters.
This kit will lay flat in the spare tire well of the vehicle.
Parts Included:

  • Hankook or Kumho T125 Compact Spare Tire3
  • 15" Compact Steel Wheel
  • Scissor Jack
  • Tool Case
  • Jack Bar
  • Lug Wrench
  • Eye Bolt
  • Hold Down Screw
    Approximate weight of this kit is 35lbs 4.
    Note on TPMS Systems.
    This spare tire may set off your TPMS and/or ESC system. There is no sensor in the wheel for the TPMS system. The ESC system may not work as designed due to the difference in tire size. We recommend turning your ESC system off (if possible) while using the spare.
  • Hyundai Veloster Turbo review | track prototypes

    This is the story of three little Velosters. Baby Hyundai is showroom stock, tidy and swift as a compact turbo coupe.

    Mama Hyundai is tizzied and teased, quicker in every area but still nicely mannered and well behaved. Papa Hyundai is plain outrageous, with a race-sharp focus that means he will never fit into everyday traffic.

    They have been brought together this week to show what the backroom team at Hyundai Australia has been doing to prove their brand is not just for bargain buyers who want something with a price tag ending in $990.

    They also hope the likes the Velosters will go some way to ending sentences about their cars that finish with the words, "For a Hyundai". "We cannot change our history. We can only go forward, which is what we are doing," says Hyundai Australia boss John Elsworth.

    He is flat-out on preparations for a potential game-changer at Hyundai, the $60,000 Genesis limousine, but cannot resist a quick visit to the high-speed hit-out on a private test track north of Sydney. What Elsworth sees, and what I get to drive, are three cars that show Hyundai is doing the basics right. It's just missing the final finishing, and edgy extras, that take a car from fine to good and on towards great.
    The Veloster made most of its headlines because it has a quirky coupe body that has two doors on the kerb side and only one for the driver. It's a lopsided design that distracted attention from a good-looking car that also drives passably well. But, from day one in the Veloster, I wondered how much extra could be extracted from the car. I never expected a Subaru STI, but something more like a Renault Sport Megane seemed possible.

    "We wanted to see what we could do with the Veloster. We wanted to explore. Push the boundaries," says product planning boss Andrew Tuitahi. So he hands over the keys to Baby Veloster, so I can learn the track and get my head recalibrated around the car. What I rediscover is a coupe that gets along fairly smartly but feels a bit tinny and slow.

    Then it's time for Mama Veloster. A bit of background first. It's obviously tweaked, as there is a MoTec auxiliary dashboard sitting up above the centre console, keeping track of all the on-board electronics. Mama has more turbo boost, a free-flow exhaust, better brake pads and upgraded springs and shocks.
    As I turn on to the track, I can immediately feel the difference. The response is strong and more urgent, the car stops better and sits flatter. I'm lapping several seconds quicker with less effort, in a car that is working with me instead of holding me up.

    The suspension, in particular, transforms the car. It feels more planted in every situation but there is extra compliance and it's not crashing and banging. For me, it makes the car feel about $10,000 more expensive.

    Tuitahi says all of the changes can be certified for road use and there is more power available — it's currently about 35kW up from standard — if buyers ask for it. He's hoping to get approval to push towards production but knows there is still a long way to go.

    Then it's time for big Papa, a fully race-tweaked Veloster with a rollcage, track tyres, brakes and suspension, and a wraparound racing seat and suede-wrapped steering wheel.

    It's like being strapped inside a tin can with the Tap Dogs doing their stuff on the outside — but this is a mightily quick tin can. It belts out of corners, stops in what feels half the distance of Mama and Baby, and responds instantly to all my commands. It still needs some work on a throttle that refuses to snap back, and pedals that make smooth braking too tough, but it does the job.

    As the sun dips low on the hills, casting giant shadows over the track, I'm left to consider what the Veloster family means and what they can do. For me, they are proof that Hyundai builds cars that are not just dull-but-worthy bargains. They also show the company must push harder — much harder — to take the next step.

    For me, the best car of the three is exactly the Mama Veloster. Baby is too slow and harsh, Papa is too much of most everything if you're not in Targa Tasmania, but Mama hits the sweet spot.
    Halfway around my final lap in the mid-range version, I realise I'm enjoying the car more than I expect, because it's got more of the good stuff without any downside.
    It's not as flat-out rorty as a Megane RS, and there are people who would prefer a Toyota 86, but Hyundai reckons Mama could be rolled into showrooms for less than $40,000. For me, that's just right.
    Engine:1.6-litre turbo 4-cyl petrol, 150kW/265Nm
    Transmission:6sp manual; FWD
    Thirst:6.8L/100km, 163g/km CO2

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